Photography - Tips and Tricks

Photography - Tips and Tricks

Click, click, click... Taking pictures of people and objects is often totally underestimated. This is precisely why there are many "unprofessional" photos on the Internet. When the budget is tight, you often grab the camera yourself, and even worse, the masterly mobile phone camera. Here are the most important aspects and tips so that this grip is not a slip in the ointment.

Exterior shots

If you want to photograph your subject in nature (at least outside a building), it is recommended to stand with the sun behind you. In most cases it is also an advantage if you take the pictures in good weather, because clouds and fog cause flat and lifeless pictures. Also other weather moods like rain, snow, wind can have negative effects on otherwise good pictures. So take advantage of nice, dry days to spend the hours outside.

If you have read the article about good photos for your website, you know that pictures can radiate an atmosphere. Not an Earth atmosphere - I mean an emotional sphere. From my point of view, the time of year is a big influencer. Shoot the pictures, if possible in the season that suits the design. Comfortable colors such as red, brown and orange are particularly easy to pick up in autumn. Blue, white, grey colors match the winter. And so on.

"The early bird catches the worm" – this is my motto here. After these words you will be rewarded, because the best pictures are taken in the morning. In the beautiful morning sun and the fresh atmosphere you can work better right away. Come on, set the alarm.

One last tip for outdoor photography. I keep seeing garbage cans, broken walls or similar structures that are destroying the picture. Be careful not to take pictures of such objects even in the early hours.

Interior shots

When shooting indoors you will probably encounter some difficulties, because the light in closed rooms is rarely good. For the time being, it is best to concentrate on avoiding taking pictures before, through and against windows. This leads to tedious light strips and shadows.

Imagine your motive is a star. Arrange everything nicely and create an attractive "stage". In very few cases it is possible to take pictures without any problems. As you know, the eye also eats.

To be (or remain) picky, pay attention to the complete illumination of the subject. This avoids strange, dark corners and unnatural shadows. This suggests that the normal flash of a camera will hardly suffice. Other light sources such as soft boxes or chandeliers are available to help with underexposed incidents.

When photographing a piece of equipment, jewelry or the like, please note that you show the object completely at least once on the page and not always only small sections and details. These are beautiful and good and often have a very good effect. However, it is important to let the visitor know what the product looks like as a whole.


People, yes – they are not always easy, not even when taking pictures. The sun or other light effects can very quickly over-expose the face completely and make it appear shiny. That is why you should preferably choose a place with neutral light. Not directly in darkest corners, but some shade may be calm.

Don't panic, not only do you have to pay attention to details when taking pictures, there's still something on the other side of the lens. Advise your model to take a relaxed position and appear as comfortable as she feels. Show the protagonist the results from time to time and illustrate other possible "poses".

How do you feel when you sit for hours at the hairdresser's and hardly exchange a word? I guess you're bored. Right? The model is probably exactly the same, talk to him and talk about interesting, current topics. Communication loosens the mood and creates a more open atmosphere. This has not only the advantage that it does not become boring either. No, this improves the quality of the photos unnoticed. Because you are in a good mood, just like your model, and this actually has an extreme effect on the shots. So: talking, speaking, taking pictures, speaking etc.

Golden ratio

This term, or rather mathematical principle, has been with us for a very long time. It is a rule that determines a certain ratio. To be precise – the ratio 1:1.6 or the 2/3 standard in photography. The entire basic design is subject to this principle. Because it forms a pleasant subdivision, which usually arouses harmonious feelings in the human eye.


Shift viewpoint

We've thought about boredom before, haven't we? To avoid this one step further now, it is always a great idea to change your point of view. Walk around, choose a different perspective or even let the subject (assumption: has legs and can walk) freedom of movement. This not only brings variety to the shooting – it also brings versatility to the results. A photo can look totally different from different perspectives, you often realize this too late. Be brave and try something new.


Take a chance and always watch with a critical eye. Take a look at other Internet articles on the subject of photography and develop your talents further.

Send us your results, experiences and experiences in the comments and have fun taking pictures. One, two, three – please laugh.

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