6 reasons why it's time for a relaunch of your website – and how to best approach it

Today a website is much more than «just» a digital business card. It can be a brand ambassador, sales tool, lead generator, communication medium and much more. It is therefore essential to ask yourself the following question before a relaunch: What do I want to achieve with my online presence and what purpose should it serve? Simply owning a website just because it's appropriate is definitely the wrong approach.

In the following we dedicate a blog post to this topic. Here are six good reasons for relaunching your website and how to best approach it.

Reason 1: Google and Co do not find my website

You may have slightly underestimated the importance of SEO in the realization of your website and neither defined meta tags or keywords nor set up redirects. You should not neglect this topic and it is a good reason for a relaunch. Although SEO is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, it pays off in the long run. It's up to you whether you want to get professional help or make some optimizations yourself. The only important thing is that you take SEO into account. Because what good is a new website if nobody finds it?

Tip: In this blog article you will learn how SEO can be used optimally with Pimcore.

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Reason 2: My website is poorly accessible

You have a website, but nobody can reach it because of poor performance or lack of accessibility. A positive user experience on any device is directly related to a fast loading time - the shorter the time the website takes to load, the longer the time the user stays on the site. Another important reason for a relaunch.

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Reason 3: The design of my website is outdated

One of the most common reasons for a new website is an outdated design. Colours, text, images, forms and structure should harmonise with each other, look modern and correspond to the corporate design of a company – but more importantly, they should work. The user must be able to access the desired content in just a few seconds – and here design can make the decisive difference between success and failure. This brings us to the next reason.

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Reason 4: Information cannot be found on my website

Unclear information architecture, missing call-to-action elements or poor usability are killer criteria for a website. Users have to find their way intuitively and quickly, otherwise the leap is near. Therefore, a user-friendly usability with well-structured contents is a must. So if you decide to relaunch your website, be sure to consider this already in the planning and concept phase. You can also read more about this topic in the following blog article.

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Reason 5: My website is not responsive

Websites are increasingly accessed via smartphones and mobile devices and a responsive design is therefore now standard. If your website does not yet meet the mobile requirements, it is high time for a relaunch. Whether even the Mobile First approach is pursued should be decided depending on the order, the initial situation and the complexity of the website.

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Reason 6: My website is based on outdated technologies

The content management system of your website is only causing difficulties? Hosting, servers or required interfaces are no longer up to date? Technical optimizations are definitely a good reason for a relaunch. Tip: Choose systems and technologies with a promising future that are constantly being further developed – such as Pimcore. Otherwise, you'll soon face the same problems again.


Of course, there are countless other reasons for relaunching a website. In summary, however, no matter what goal you are pursuing with a relaunch, attach particular importance to planning and organization, do not underestimate the time aspect and do not lose sight of the reason for exactly what you want to achieve with your online presence.

Do you miss an important point or do you have inputs? We are looking forward to your comments.

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