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The communication of the future is more digital, human and emotional

Almost everyone has one, posts their experiences and gives away their hearts and likes every day: a Facebook or Instagram profile. But is social media also worthwhile as an advertising tool for companies?


Especially regional and smaller SMEs ask me this again and again. The big ones are already on social media, they are doing image advertising. But what about the smaller ones? Do they reach their target audience via Instagram and Facebook?

Unless the company's target audience is 80+, my answer is clear: Yes! Instagram is currently the most popular social media tool among 25 to 50-year-olds. Among the over 50s it is Facebook. And for the even younger target group, there is a social media channel, TikTok.

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Instagram First

Currently, I advise customers to open an Instagram account first. Then to create a page on Facebook. Then link these two accounts, and you are ready to go and delight your potential customers!

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This is to be noted

Of course, there are some things to consider on social media to be successful with a company profile. Posts with pictures are licked 2 to 3 times more than posts without pictures (i.e. only text). The photos for the posts must be of high quality, the competition on social media is fierce! The social media user sparsely awards his hearts and likes to companies if the photo is not sufficiently emotional and appealing.

It is also part of the process that a company actively communicates with its subscribers. This can be in the form of Likes in the posts of its subscribers or with nice comments among the published photos of the subscribers. The golden rule: If you don't give away any Likes, hearts and comments, you won't get any back!

Advertising, advertising, advertising

But as a small, regional company, how do I ultimately reach my target audience? Instagram and Facebook offer very good advertising opportunities here. You can advertise your profile, your website or a post directly on Instagram or Facebook and you can reach the target audience yourself. For example, if a company wants to reach people in the Sempachersee area, it can record this geographically in the Instagram or Facebook advertising tool. It is also possible to choose whether the advertisement should be seen by more women or men, with which interests and in which age groups. Here, success is very promising even on a small budget of 50 francs.

The best advertisement for your profile will only work if you as a company regularly post photos and/or videos to inspire, delight, motivate and entertain your subscribers. If you only post something once a month, it will probably take several years to build a target group on social media. Therefore, I advise to be active on a daily basis during the development phase. And there are also tips and tricks on how to reach your target audience even without an advertisement: the so-called #hashtags help here. These are used to gain coverage, but also to attract new subscribers.

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Get tailor-made support

In my social media trainings for companies, the participant learns in 4 hours how to manage a company profile successfully on his own. The trainings take place as individual lessons or in groups with max. 4 participants at the Frontal agency in Willisau. The training is individually adapted to the level of knowledge of the participants in order to achieve the best possible result. After the training, you are definitely ready to take off with your company on social media!

Sara Bachmann | © Agentur Frontal
© Agentur Frontal

With all-round carefree packages to success

For those who have neither the personnel nor the time to take care of their social media business account themselves, we offer the right solution with our packages.

From basic, silver and gold to business packages, there is something for every budget. With the packages, the company can leave the management and support of its social media channels to us without any worries. We take care of the content, new subscribers, more likes and higher reach.

Basic package

  • Management & support of Instagram Business
  • Accounts with linked Facebook page
  • Content creating with supplied image and video material
  • 2 x weekly posts and/or stories
  • Comment & Liken on other accounts
  • Generate new subscribers

Silver package

In addition to all the advantages of the basic package:

  • Content Creating with 50% delivered image and video material
  • 5 x weekly posts and/or stories
  • Measurable increase of the range

Gold package

In addition to all the benefits of the silver package:

  • Content creating with image and video material (on site, customer photos, stock images)
  • Daily posts and/or stories

Business package

In addition to all the benefits of the gold package:

  • 1 – 2 times per year influencer campaigns with 3 – 5 influencers
To the offer

Let's go social media! Because: digital channels like Instagram or Facebook open up completely new possibilities and new ranges to spread company products and services in a new form!

About the author

Sara Bachmann, moderator and media specialist, recognized the opportunities in the field of social media over 15 years ago. Through her TV show «Sara machts», she knows exactly what target groups want, what moves people and how to get the most out of low budgets. Since 1 May 2020, she has been offering the new social media service in cooperation with the Frontal agency. For more information, Sara Bachmann looks forward to hearing from you. 

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