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Email marketing for professionals - 5 tips for more campaign success

Although many people think that the importance of email marketing has decreased, experts know that the opposite is true. People today access your email from all over the world and open emails that seem interesting.

So with the right email marketing strategy, you can still succeed in drastically increasing website traffic, sales and promotions. However, it is important to stand out from the crowd and use exciting emails to get readers to take action.

This article gives you 5 tips on how to improve your email campaigns.

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I want to include pictures - is that possible?

The internet is dominated by images and videos and many people wonder if it makes sense to use images and short videos in email marketing as well and it does. There are some things that need to be considered, but boring text emails are a thing of the past.

Beautiful images & photos from Freepik can be quickly and easily adapted and compressed so that they take up little space and resources and can be integrated well into emails. The stock agency even offers the possibility to edit many media directly online.

The possibilities of using royalty-free images to enhance one's email marketing are many and varied, as there are millions of images, graphics and illustrations that catch the attention of readers in seconds.

5 tips for more campaign success


#1 Use the subject line correctly

Using the subject line correctly is crucial. In the subject line you reveal what is to be found in the email. So use the subject line wisely and use short, meaningful subjects.

However, refrain from using sender information or addresses in the subject line; instead, arouse the recipient's curiosity.

#2 Address your subscribers personally

Once the recipient has opened the email, they should be addressed personally. There are various plug-ins and ads that allow you to add a personal address to every email without having to edit it manually. If you create your newsletter with Pimcore, you can use all the data from your mailing list to personalise the content.

You can strengthen the bond with your subscribers with a personalised address.

#3 Use an appealing design

A modern and appealing design is not only important on websites and social media profiles, the design of emails is also important. Make sure you include recurring elements such as your logo or company colours.

Also, you can work with bold, highlight the most important parts of the email in bold so they stand out from the rest and readers can immediately grasp the crucial content.

#4 Include images, animations & short videos

Include photos, graphics, illustrations and short videos in your emails. Stock photos can be a good choice as they are very high quality and still sharp enough after compression.

Free images and videos can also liven up the design and optimise the visual appeal of the emails.

With Pimcore, you can put together your newsletter modularly and easily integrate images and videos. You can also use product data or existing images and videos (multi-channel solutions with Pimcore can be found via the following link ).

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#5 Focus on call-to-action

A particularly important factor in email marketing is to specifically encourage readers to take action. The best way to do this is with a call-to-action, i.e. a direct invitation to take action.

You can include buttons or use free images and videos to embed these calls. Invite readers to visit your website or to buy directly.


How do I do email marketing?

Email marketing can be implemented in different ways. The most popular form of email marketing includes newsletters. Users can subscribe to a newsletter and then receive an informative email. The aim is to persuade readers to take action, for example to buy a product or service or to register for a seminar.

Are stock photos suitable for email marketing?

Stock photos, graphics and short videos are very suitable for email marketing. They have a high quality level and can be easily edited and compressed. With stock media, it is therefore possible to visually enhance the sent e-mails and make them even more interesting for the recipients. Free images can be used as well as stock photos for which a fee is charged.

What is an email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy aims to know exactly what content to send and when. It is always better to work with a strategy instead of sending email randomly. Many users even split the recipient addresses in order to send subscribers only emails that are suitable for them. Moreover, a strategy has advantages in the long run, as time for follow-up work can be saved.

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