Pimcore Inspire 2018

We report from the international partner conference «Pimcore Inspire 2018» in Salzburg

This year again we were as Gold Partner at the Pimcore Inspire 2018. The «Partner Unconference» offered insight into the work of different Pimcore projects and gave an outlook to the future. In addition, it enabled exciting conversations with Pimcore partners and employees and thus represented a welcome change from the daily development routine. Find out here what has happened in the past Pimcore year.

After a long train journey from Sursee to Salzburg and a short stay in our hotel, we, Adrian Hess, Aaron Gerig and I, set off last Wednesday evening to visit the headquarters of the advertising agency elements, which founded and developed Pimcore in 2009 and now functions as a strategic partner. Since 2013, Pimcore has been an independent company and will soon move from its elements headquarters to its own premises. After a short guided office tour, we were able to round off the evening with a delicious aperitif and interesting conversations.

© Pimcore | eine alte Gusswerk-Halle wurde zu modernen Büroräumlichkeiten umgebaut
© Pimcore | eine alte Gusswerk-Halle wurde zu modernen Büroräumlichkeiten umgebaut

Pimcore Inspire at LOFT Salzburg

After a first coffee in bright sunshine and a wonderful view over the city of Salzburg, the Unconference could begin. One of the annual Inspire highlights is the presentation of the new features of Pimcore. This year only the ongoing updates of Pimcore 5 up to version 5.5 were presented. Pimcore 6 is still in progress and will be released at the end of 2018. It is especially important for developers to mention that Pimcore 6 will be compatible with Symfony 4.

Aussicht vom Konferenz-Gebäude

face recognition

But let's get to the innovations of the current Pimcore version. Who hasn't experienced it: You upload a group photo to a news article on the website, publish it and on the website you can see that the heads of the people have been cut off. With the new face recognition this will be prevented in the future. The faces are automatically used as the center of the photo.

© Pimcore | www.pimcore.com
© Pimcore | www.pimcore.com

Set «Focal Point» manually

In addition, the focal point can also be set yourself. For example, if the subject is a car instead of a person, you can manually set it as the center. Further innovations such as a quick search, 360° support of the DAM and a possible two-factor authentication to increase safety are explained in the following video.

Personalize content

Thanks to Pimcore, you can personalize your website according to your visitors. Users are divided into different «groups» based on their behaviour. In an online sporting goods shop, for example, a customer who spends more than 20 seconds in the «Football» area is assigned to the «Football fanatics» group. The home page can now be personalized with football articles for all members of the «Football fanatics» group.

Workflow Engine

Thanks to the new workflow management, documents, assets and objects can be assigned different statuses. This makes it easier, for example, to fill or manage content using multiple editors or to assign order or invoice statuses, as was the case with our project for Woche-Pass AG.

© Pimcore | www.pimcore.com
© Pimcore | www.pimcore.com

Pimcore on the upswing

Pimcore is a great tool, but it is still too unknown at the moment. This will change in the future. With a large marketing campaign Pimcore wants to attain more admittingness world-wide and grow thereby further.

With Pimcore Global Services, Pimcore now offers services such as implementation, 24/7 support and assistance, training as well as solution and management consulting. In addition, Pimcore provides its partners with developers on demand so that larger projects can also be implemented without any problems.

Case Studies

Our freelancer Dominik Pfaffenbauer presented one of over 10 case studies. Case studies are success stories of Pimcore partners, which will be presented at the conference and will serve as inspiration for the attendees. Besides the Pimcore 5 update of the page www.rhinoafrica.com by Dominik Pfaffenbauer further case studies were presented. Among others these were Avira from Gold Partner Asioso, an 8-fold PIM for Würth from Strategic Partner Divante, Intersport from Silver Partner Optiweb as well as from Strategic Partner elements, SEAT from Strategic Partner Ateles and Burgerking from weblizards.

Most Valuable Pimconaut

The award «Most Valuable Pimconaut» went to our freelancer Dominik Pfaffenbauer, who continuously distinguishes himself as one of the most active community members! As an open source company, Pimcore relies on a global community of currently 160 people who voluntarily participate in the further development of the product. The ongoing development of Pimcore is published transparently on GitHub. Pimcore is open source, so anyone can use it for free while helping to improve it. A team of core developers monitors and reviews the various contributions, manages the roadmap, and keeps track of contribution quality.

Awards in the Augustiner Bräu Brewery

After an interesting daily program at LOFT Salzburg we went to Augustiner Bräu, where we continued with the more comfy part of the program. After an extensive dinner and interesting discussions with various Pimcore partners, two more awards were presented.

The case study of the year goes to Blackbit for the online shop of grocery retailer Viani. This project has already won the Shop Usability Award for «Most Innovative Shop».

«Pimcore Partner of the Year» became DATASOLUTION from France. By promoting Pimcore in France and supporting Paris Retail Week, this partner has more than earned the award.

Congratulations to both partners also from our side.

Thanks Pimcore

We are proud to be Pimcore Gold Partner and thank you for the interesting Unconference. Excited about Pimcore 6 and looking forward to the upcoming Inspire a «We love you too» to Salzburg.

© Pimcore | www.pimcore.com
© Pimcore | www.pimcore.com

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