10 tips for a successful website

10 tips for a successful website

The website, your business card on the Internet

The first impression counts. Will I become a fan of this company or will I rather visit the competition. But what exactly makes a good website? I compare it gladly with a love story, which begins in the Internet. Yes, correctly heard and no, I am not crazy. You don't believe? Well, have fun reading.

1. Search engine optimization

The quest for the ideal partner begins.
Maybe you are lucky and your site is called by coincidence. But I guarantee you, fate is not always on your side. The hope dies as soon as the visit of the post above your, with a mouse click is confirmed. In order to be found in search machines, like Google, in former times often keywords were used. Today, good content on the website is crucial. The search engines are so advanced that they can recognize good content and read like a human being. For you, this means that your content must provide the visitor with added value, inform, entertain or better help him. The term "good content" is used to associate unique and unconventional texts, images or videos. You will find more information on the subject of content under point five.

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2. Security comes first

Will only the selected partner have access to the communication protocol?
No. Without encryption, all data in the communication can be read as plain text, which means that you can read along. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, or HTTPS for short, covers exactly this danger. Make sure that your site has an SSL certificate.

3. Waiting is death

Eternal waiting at the meeting? The interest decreases with every second.
Long loading times are annoying and can lead to leaving the website. Investigate your loading times with different tools like Google Lighthouse. Take the necessary steps to improve the speed. A tip from our developers: "valid and reduced code".

4. The perfect sight

The time has come. The meeting - even love at first sight?
Your website should present itself from its best side. From bright colours to animations, everything will be there in 2018. Alain Duss has captured the web design trends for 2018 in a blog post. Colours and shapes are intended to underline the corporate design. The font has been chosen in such a way that it is easy to read. Don't forget what your company stands for. The design should match your company.

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5. Content first

Optically convincing. What about the exchange of information?
The right words are decisive. Exciting, but nevertheless informative and above all helpful. Camille Peter has written a suitable blog post so that you too can become a text guru. But when did the time come to write the content for the website? Before the design and before the development. This procedure is known as "content first". As the name suggests, the website is built on the content and not vice versa. As a reminder; the text is primarily written for the potential customer and not for the search engine. Once written, it's not a good bye forever. Update or enhance the content constantly.

6. Design vs. functionality

A partner who looks beautiful but is no worthy of anything is not a partner for life.
The most beautiful design is useless, if the user does not find his way around. Orientation is the be-all and end-all and can be easily improved by means of clear navigation. Your navigation should be in a constant and easily accessible place. Usually on the left side or at the top of a web page.

7. Real-time personalization

Show interest and respond to the partner.
Content personalization is the interaction of the future. With it, you give each viewer an individual, real-time user experience based on personal preferences. By analyzing user behavior, relevant content can be shown. A perfect example in this area is Amazon. Visitors receive suggestions for articles that are tailored to them and their interests. Become one of only a few companies that offers the visitor an improved customer experience and customer loyalty.

8. The duty - the responsive design

Every further meeting should be a complete success.
A great website can be viewed on any device, such as a smartphone. Please note that your website should be technically and creatively convincing in all formats and sizes.

Responsive Devices | © w-vision AG
© w-vision AG

9. Successful by the visitors

Appearance and character ideal. But how does the chemistry persist? Right - be attentive and address problems.
Not every function is equally clear. Not every page is equally interesting and not every page is equally fast. All situations that scream for a solution to present a customer-friendly website. You receive improvement suggestions for example with an online inquiry. Another option is to investigate user behavior. Various analysis tools such as Google Analytics or Matomo will help you.

10. Code with no end

Forever crisp and interesting.
Not only do we humans age, the code also experiences this change and that rapidly. What does that mean? A website is an ongoing project. In other words, the code should be revised continuously. Generally applies, the more modern the technology, the more possibilities are offered. Only in this way an up-to-date and good user experience can be made possible.

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In general, it is necessary to build the website on the content. Only if the complete content is available, it is possible to work out the appropriate screen design and build the website. However, all the above mentioned advice is important. Success is only guaranteed if all components work together. Success means making the visitor a fan.

As you know, everything can never be done right. But with these tips you are among the best. I would like to know if you have turned out to be the perfect partner.

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