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SHL is the unique competence centre for application and practice-oriented hospitality management with national and international recognition. This immediately means that this website has a lot of information and content.

With the redesign of the building, they wanted to develop a new website, which is equal to the style and expresses the national and international recognition.

Everything should be visible at first glance and make you want more with beautiful pictures.

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The new website helps to communicate the world of SHL to the outside world and to inspire young people for training in hospitality management.

Timo Albiez, Deputy Director and Head of Marketing SHL


Our partner, Kobalt AG, has worked on the redesign of the building and designed the website in such a way that the website looks like a building in the same style.

On each page you can see pictures that support the content and sweeten the reader's visit. The uniformity, which has a calming effect for a visitor, is also given thanks to the repetitive colors and graphic elements.

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