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The family-owned company Granol AG is known as a leading manufacturer of special products for new construction, renovation and refurbishment. With always new and interesting innovations such as Granol Effects, a decorative product line, Granol AG offers processors, architects, planners and builders an extensive range of products. Web-based media channels have become increasingly important for the successful marketing of the various products. Nowadays, it must be possible to access information quickly and easily via various end devices. From a technological and content point of view, the old website therefore had to be completely rebuilt.

The new appearance captivates with a perfect and direct entry into the image world of Granol. Visitors are guided visually and technically in the best possible way. The topic search has been greatly improved, as various entry points are possible. Furthermore, the website appears more personal, as both contact persons and area representatives are visible. This is done via an interactive Swiss map, which is product-specific and can be accessed using a postcode search.

Another highlight is the high flow of information through news and employee magazines. The new navigation structure also impresses with its structured access to a wide variety of topics.

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The Internet as a means of communication is nowadays also indispensable in the construction industry

Patrick Sieger, Member of the Executive Board Granol AG


All contents of the website can now be managed within the company. The intuitive and easy-to-use administration interface of Pimcore is responsible for this.  In order to map all products, product variants and product categories of the company, an ERP interface was written.  The synchronized data is displayed on the website using CoreShop's online shop solution.  Finding the desired product is now child's play.


Business performance

With the new main appearance, Granol has a tool that can now be actively used. The website provides dynamic support for sales efforts. The user-friendly handling has significantly increased the motivation for news implementation. This means that Granol's online presence will always be up-to-the-minute in the future.

The new website also facilitates the transfer of information. As far as consulting activities are concerned, this has led to a significant reduction in the workload for both the office staff and the sales force.

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