Birrer Group – united yet separated


The previous Auto Birrer AG website was programmed by Aaron Gerig in 2015 as part of a learning project. Due to new technologies and two subsidiaries, a new web presence was needed. It should unite the three companies on one website – and yet it should be clear which company offers which service.

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Pimcore HTML5 CSS3 UIkit Ajax Sass Deployer Docker Git MySQL Node.js PHP Plesk Symfony Webpack Twig Json InVision Studio Google Analytics


The collaboration was uncomplicated and fast – just as it should be!

Andreas Birrer, business owner Auto Birrer AG


Thanks to a left-aligned, browser window high navigation, the many contents can be displayed clearly and structured. The main navigation points are the three companies Auto Birrer, All In Birrer and Share Birrer. These can each be accessed with their own domain and form the start page of the respective company. Nevertheless, you can easily access the new cars from Auto Birrer from the Share Birrer location page, for example.

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Service request and price calculation

Register your car service online or calculate the rent of a Share Birrer electric vehicle – both is possible on the new website.

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