Consistent design for pool planner and company presentation


Two years ago we were allowed to develop a pool configurator for Marlin AG. It appears in a simple and modern design – which could not be claimed of the previous company website. The company website was also very confusing and therefore user-unfriendly. Now it was time to adapt the company website to the pool planner layout for the upcoming pool season.

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Pimcore HTML5 CSS3 UIkit Sass Deployer Docker Git MySQL Node.js Plesk PHP Symfony Webpack Zend Framework Twig Adobe InDesign


With the support of w-vision we see ourselves optimally accompanied in the change of our online appearance

Melanie Polinelli, Head of Marketing, Marlin Schwimmbad- und Wassertechnik AG


A simple, modern website was created, which presents the services of the company Schwimmbad- und Wassertechnik Marlin AG and introduces the company.


High flexibility thanks to Toolbox system

For some time now we have been developing our websites with a so-called toolbox system. This means that we develop each element once and pack it into a toolbox. So the customer has the possibility to assemble his pages himself with the different building blocks.

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