New landingpage for SwissSkills Mission Future


SwissSkills Mission Future is aimed at young people in the process of choosing a career as well as their parents and confidants. Using the Mission Future Box and a visual questionnaire, participants can have their personal strength profile determined. Based on this, personalized impulse letters are generated and sent out.

Our task was to implement the complex project technically and to ensure access for all target groups.

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Pimcore HTML5 CSS3 UIkit Sass Deployer Docker Git MySQL PHP Plesk Symfony Webpack Twig SendGrid Ajax Json Google Analytics



A simple and clear landing page is the result. The site is available in four languages and of course responsive. The ordering process of the strengths box, the connection to the visual questionnaire and the automated dispatch of the impulse newsletter were technical challenges that we were able to master.


Connection to Visual Implicit Profiler (VIP) from PSYfiers AG

The Visual Implicit Profiler (VIP) is a visual test that determines personality traits by interpreting simple graphic symbols. The live interface to PSYfiers AG is the core of the project.

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