A digital multichannel live streaming platform

A digital multichannel live streaming platform

The CYBATHLON project has fascinated us from the beginning. It is a very inspiring story about how technology can help people with their daily challenges. The founder of the CYBATHLON, Robert Riener, was also inspired by success stories, such as the first runner to climb the Chicago Willis Tower with a motorized prosthetic leg, or the first female runner with abdominal paralysis to run the London Marathon with an exoskeleton.

And we were now able to play our part in this success story by building an international live streaming platform for this year's global edition of the CYBATHLON, in which more than 60 teams from all over the world participated.

The challenge

The customer was looking for a multichannel solution. And they wanted to bring as much interaction and emotion as possible to the platform and back to the viewers and participants, because this year, due to Covid-19, the event was planned without viewers from the beginning.

Another difficulty was that we had to work on the client's server and not on our own server, and due to the tight schedule, development and content creation had to be done in parallel.

Therefore, it was clear from the beginning that we had no time to lose and had to start very quickly in order to be able to solve the technically and conceptually demanding requirements in three hyper agile sprints in just over two months.

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Pimcore HTML5 CSS3 UIkit Docker Git InVision Studio Adobe Photoshop Google Analytics Adobe Illustrator Twig Symfony PHP Sass Deployer Webpack Adobe Experience Design


From pitch to rollout in eight weeks: A global competition with results, live stream, video center, which not only involves complex workflows but also new types of sensitive content, was mapped by w-vision under high pressure on a new CYBATHLON online platform. Only an extremely great collaboration makes something like this possible.

Roland Sigrist, Managing Director and Head of Finance


Of course, the technical challenges were mainly related to the livestream integration; the automated video integration via a Vimeo interface or the possibility of making videos available for download to specific users via the multi-level role concept. The universities were able to register their teams and pilots, and via an approval process, this registration was then integrated directly into the platform in a visually appealing manner.

Furthermore, all results and also the description of the videos in the video center were completely automated. This means that the video producers and competition jurors have filled a common database with all data. We imported this data into the platform via an interface, connected it to the Vimeo and YouTube videos and then automatically displayed it in the right places on the platform. The website visitors were thus able to follow the results of the competition in real time and at the same time view the corresponding video highlights again.

Since the event attracted attention from all over the world and we expected many users on the website, we used a content delivery network (CDN) and a load balancer for optimal load distribution.


Integration of more than 250 Social-Network Sources

To further integrate the community into the project, we also connected more than 250 social network sources of the teams and partners on the platform, which could be seamlessly automated, but also moderated in the backend.

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