Flexible PIM system and online product catalogue


The traditional Swiss company REFCO Manufacturing Ltd. has been committed to the highest quality for almost 50 years and develops and manufactures durable tools and accessories for professional refrigeration and air conditioning technicians.

In search of a Product Information Management System (PIM), which makes relevant product information easily accessible to customers and enables simple administration of the data, the company turned to us.

In addition to the requirement of centralised data management, a more advanced CMS was to be used and a redesign of the old website was to be carried out.

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The solution enables communication and access to product information for external and internal stakeholders. Our fast and uncomplicated partner w-vision supported us ideally in the development of the platform.

Michael Oswald, Head of Innovation


The result is not only convincing with a powerful and intuitive CMS and a visually appealing implementation. Thanks to the CoreShop integration, the customer now also has all the necessary features of an online shop. The more than 1500 products are presented in a clear and structured way and can be found quickly using filter functions.

Current and relevant product information can also be generated on-the-fly as a PDF document. This and the possibility of creating divisible watch lists result in fewer customer enquiries and the associated internal resource expenditure. 

As REFCO Manufacturing Ltd. is an internationally active company, the use of an IP-controlled «Locale Switcher» was also decisive. Depending on the user's location, different website content is displayed.


Flexible workflows and notifications with workflow management

Automation processes and quality assurance were an important requirement during implementation. For example, product data is read in directly via the ERP interface. However, before a product can be released for publication, it must pass through several predefined stages and departments. For this purpose, we developed a complex workflow in which the corresponding users are notified as soon as they need to check data and pass it on to the next workflow stage.

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