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Jos. Berchtold AG stands for door and wall solutions that are individual, aesthetic and functional at the same time - and meet the highest requirements in fire protection, sound insulation and other safety requirements. The focus is on individual and large-scale projects in public spaces as well as historical buildings.

The previous website of the Zurich-based company was no longer technically or visually up to date. And it was also no longer easy to find in search engines. 

After the decision for a solution with Pimcore had already been made, we were commissioned with the project implementation.

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Monika Frei, Marketing & Sales Managerin


The technical challenges were to structure the very wide range of products and the numerous reference objects in a sensible way and to present them in a way that was easy to find.

In addition, the extensive and high-quality image material had to be displayed generously and attractively without having to accept performance losses.

Since Jos. Berchtold AG attached great importance to design and SEO, Agentur Frontal and Erwin Bucheli of Bucheli macht* supported us in the implementation.


Implementation of the software-as-a-service technology Algolia

We decided to use the intelligent search technology Algolia (Saas model), which displays results for search queries at extreme speed. In addition, we were able to take advantage of other positive features of Algolia in terms of faceting as well as filtering of search results, an error-tolerant search input and the mapping of synonyms.

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