Shiny teeth thanks to Trisa, shiny eyes thanks to w-vision


In the last 135 years, a lot has changed in the products and the manufacturing process of Trisa AG, headquartered in Triengen, Lucerne. However, the passion for your task and job has remained. In the heart of Switzerland and Europe, they develop and produce innovative products in the fields of oral care, hair care and beauty care. 

The products should be able to be extended and shortened independently for the internal marketing department. But not only for the employees, but also for all website users, the new appearance should appear fresh, clear and self-explanatory.

In general, a flexible solution is desired, from content to marketing strategies and SEO measures. A solution that also appeals to everyone's eye.

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The cooperation with w-vision was very efficient, constructive and successful. We are very happy about our new homepage and its easy editing.

Anne-Kathrin Piper, Communication- & Product Manager


With a fresh, modern layout from our partner agency Frontal, the new Trisa AG website appears in perfect splendor. With Pimcore as the system, the customer benefits from an enormously flexible editing experience. The pages can be compiled independently and intuitively from individual and individually created building blocks. 

The entire product architecture can be extremely self-explanatory and clean with the help of the integrated PIM in Pimcore. Constant expansion is possible with the data objects at any time, without professional help.

Also, the user experience of the customer is guaranteed thanks to a good concept and clear site map on any device.


Interactive presentation of the detailed history

To make the past up to the present interesting, we have built the history of Trisa AG as a slider. The navigation works via the arrows, slide function and via the dynamic timeline.

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