For the love of pasta


The website of Vilmas-Pasta should not only represent the company, the philosophy and the lifeblood. A store was also part of the desired overall package. At that time, this was a technical challenge for our team, because we had no previous experience with eCommerce and Pimcore in interaction.

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Thanks to CoreShop, which was developed by our freelancer Dominik Pfaffenbauer, setting up the store for Vilma was not as difficult as we originally thought. The data model was clearly defined in advance and then rebuilt in Pimcore. The workflow processes were also defined and then put into practice with the eCommerce module. The structured approach and planning definitely made a lot of things easier and allowed our developers to work independently. We used Wallee as the PSP. The beginning with it was very difficult, due to the rather sluggish support and long waiting times. However, this also works wonderfully in the meantime.

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Years later, we are finally LIVE. There was a lot going on during Corona, with both parties, so the website was at a standstill for almost three years at the end of 2018. In early 2022, we tackled the final spurt together, testing the site and store down to the last detail and making the final touches so that Vilma can finally ante up and sell products through her online store.

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