Modern design and usability combined


Reiden Technik AG from Reiden produces high-quality Swiss machine tools. With over 115 years of experience, the company has mastered its craft and will continue to build high-quality 5-axis machining centers in the future. 

The appearance of the previous website is no longer up to date. The identifying features such as high quality, innovation and future-oriented thinking, were no longer conveyed by the website. In order to remain a worthy competitor in this field in the future, a new web presence was needed.  


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With a new website, the company can ideally embody its values. The new appearance convinces with a modern design, appropriate colors and a good mix of images and text. With new content, the company's spirit and its strengths are brought into focus. With detailed information, the customer can deal intensively with the product and is optimally guided through the website.

With Pimcore as the system, the customer benefits from an enormously flexible editing experience. The pages can be compiled independently and intuitively from individual and individually created building blocks. 


optimal user guidance

With a multi-level navigation the customer can easily navigate through the website. The inhibition to contact the company was minimized by the repetitive contact information. When scrolling through the website, the navigation disappears temporarily, when scrolling up, the navigation appears again. This allows the user to navigate even faster. Also the subnavigation on the product pages gives the user a better usability.

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