fresh and modern look with the new website


Salon de Coiffure Joos is located in the heart of Sursee. The long-standing family business conjures up the right dream hairstyle for every type and occasion. Also make-up and nail cosmetics includes the offer of the salon.

After the renovation of the salon, it was also time to give the website a beauty treatment. Visually, as well as in the user interface, the website was no longer convincing. The content of the website was also getting on in years. Therefore Roger Joos came to us with the request of a redesign.


Pimcore HTML5 UIkit CSS3 Sass Docker Ext JS Git MySQL PHP Plesk Symfony Webpack Twig Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Experience Design


Very pleasant and great cooperation with w-vision.
Thank you very much.

Roger Joos, owner


The new and modern website now also does justice to the look of the salon. The new color and font concept creates harmony and leaves room for the new imagery.

A target group oriented entry on the start page allows the user a direct target guidance. New content also finds its place on the website, such as reference work, testimonials or why you should choose Salon de Coiffure Joos. With the integration of 360° shots, the customer can view the salon before visiting.


Aesthetic imagery

An important contribution to the overall impression of the new website is above all the professional pictures by Dario Zimmerli. Thanks to them, a very modern and appealing website has been created, which lives from the aesthetics of the images.

Further projects