New website for Personal Sigma Group AG


Personal Sigma Group AG is a group of many individual offices. All of them work every day to find a new job or to fill a position ideally. The task was therefore quickly very clear: A multisite that works for all offices and the heart is an intuitive live search of jobs and talents.

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Pimcore HTML5 CSS3 UIkit Sass Deployer Docker Ext JS Git MySQL PHP Plesk Symfony Twig Adobe Experience Design



We have the perfect and easy way to build multisites thanks to Pimcore. That is, pages that can be duplicated. Depending on the small layout adjustments. The content can be changed and maintained independently after duplication. Besides the now 8-mainsided backend, we have also integrated a search subscription and newsletter, which allows customers to receive automatic, personalized notifications.


Search subscription

The highlight is effectively the search subscription. As a user, you can search for a job or a talent. This is done by means of various criteria. This search can then be "saved" and the latest entries are then sent by mail at the desired interval.

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