Digital business card for Trobag


Just in time for the 25th anniversary of Trobag Trocknungstechnik AG, the outdated website is to be renewed. What is desired is a website that is modern, unique and professional on every device. In addition, the existing content should be minimized to the essentials.

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Pimcore HTML5 CSS3 UIkit Sass Deployer Docker Git MySQL PHP Plesk Symfony Webpack Twig Adobe InDesign


With the tool Pimcore we got a simple and uncomplicated way to fill and maintain our website.

Daniel Aregger, Head of BackOffice and Water Damage Repair Division


The Granol AG website programmed by us immediately appealed to the Trobag project managers, which is why we built the screen design in a similar style. The focus is on the 3 services drying, leak detection and disinfection.


Employee pictures

Following the slogan «For 25 years we have been walking through the water for you», the team photos were taken and presented on the website with a hover effect. The «wet» employees are «dried» by running the mouse over them.

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