Relaunch of the SC Eich website


The Eich Sports Club was founded in 1971. Meanwhile this club employs about 14 motivated, talented football teams and organizes countless events for the whole region.

On the one hand, the previous site was technically outdated and on the other hand, it was not possible for the board members to adapt the content independently.

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We were looking for an uncomplicated implementation and a vivid design - w-vision fully met our expectations.

Mauro Bättig, President SC Eich


Our apprentice was allowed to plan, design and subsequently implement the new website for SC Eich on his own.

With the newly created website, the responsible persons can easily manage and update the content themselves. Also in the screen design, the colours of previous print media and the logo were taken into account and formed into an appealing platform in a modern style.


match accordion

On the website of SC Eich it is now possible to gain an insight into the last and next match directly on the start page. With a simple click on the plus symbol you can switch between the two games.

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