Setting up redirects in Pimcore

In the "Redirects" area, various URLs can be assigned to different pages. For example, you can use to redirect to the page.

The redirects can be found in the left sidebar in the tool area.

Create a redirect

To set up a redirect, it is best to choose the "beginner" mode, as the expert mode is intended for developers. To do this, go to "Add" in the top left corner.

You have the following options in the opened modal:

  • Starting with: all URLs that start with the entered path are forwarded.
  • Exact match: all URLs that exactly match the entered path will be forwarded.
  • Containing: all URLs that contain the entered path area (no matter where in the URL) are forwarded.
  • Short URL: works similar to the "exact match" - additionally the URL is forwarded if a slash is attached at the end (example: and both are forwarded)
  • Domain: a complete domain can be forwarded (example: is forwarded to

In the following I will go into "beginning with" and "exact match" in more detail.

Example "beginning with"

In this example, the English section of a website that was still present in the previous version is currently missing. Since many Google links still point to English pages, these are to be forwarded to a landing page. For this an entry is made with "beginning with" and "/en". Then the document "landingpage-english" can be placed in the column "destination".

Example "exact match"

In an advertisement you would like to refer to a special product of your online shop. So that the customer does not have to type in the complete link, it is advisable to forward it here. For example, will take you directly to the product page.

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