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Search and replace assignments in Pimcore

Let's assume that several pages of your website refer to one page with a contact form. Now you want to remove this contact page, because the form is hardly used. So that the links do not lead now into the void and the 404-Error page appears, you can reassign the links. To do this, open the "Search and replace assignments" function in the left sidebar.

Drag and drop the mentioned contact page into the "Search" field. With a click on the "Search"-button all pages appear, which contain a link to the contact page.

In the "Replace" field, drag and drop the team page, for example, as your contact information can also be found there. In our example, select all results and confirm the process with "Replace the assignment in the selected elements" at the bottom right.

All links that previously referred to the contact form page redirect the visitor to the team page after this process.

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