Shared translations

Shared translations in Pimcore

If you have a multilingual page and would like to change a translation, open the "shared translations" in the "Translation" section. By clicking in the cell, you can change the content or translation.

Import translations

If you have already prepared all translations in Excel, you can import them as a CSV table using the "Import & merge CSV" button.

Export translations

If you want to have all translations on your computer, you can download them as a CSV table using the "CSV Export" button.

Add translations

You can also add new translations, but they will not be used without implementation by a developer.

Delete translations

If you want to delete all empty translations, press the "Cleanup" button.

Filter and search translations

Use the "Filter / Search" field to specify the display and search for specific entries.

Temporarily remove translation

By clicking the red x button at the back of the line, it deletes the entire line and its key. However, the line is created again as soon as the key is used again.

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