Upload Assets

Upload Assets

Drag and Drop

Files can be inserted into an assets folder using "Drag & Drop". To do this, drag the desired files from your local file structure to the desired asset folder in the administration interface.

Upload Files

Files can be uploaded to the server by right-clicking on the desired assets folder and then selecting "Add Asset(s)" and then "Upload Files". After the local file structure has opened, search for the desired documents there, mark them and upload them with "Open".

Upload a file

If the "Upload Files" command did not work, the compatibility mode is a possible solution. This is especially needed with older browsers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload several files at the same time with this function.

After clicking on "Upload a file (compatibility mode)", select the desired file in the local file structure.

Upload files as ZIP archive

With the option "Upload ZIP archive" you can select a ZIP file in the local file structure. This is unpacked automatically during the upload.

Import files from URL

If you find a file on the web that you also want to use on your website, you do not need to download it. On the corresponding web page, right-click on the desired image. You then have the option of displaying the graphic.

The URL should now end with the file extension of the document: www.exampledomain.com/exampleimage.jpg. Copy this URL to the clipboard.

Now select the option "Import from URL" in Pimcore and paste the URL you just copied into the opening modal.


Documents on the web are protected by law. Please clarify in advance with the author whether and how you may use the document. Otherwise, copyright infringements can result in high penalties.

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