Important settings in the metadata

When assets are open, there is a "Metadata" tab. Important copyright settings can be made there. For example, it is possible to enter the name of the photographer - in the case of protected files, this copyright information is even mandatory.

The following three predefined fields can be found in the metadata:

  • "Title" is displayed when you hover the mouse pointer over the file. The title should be a short and concise explanation of the file. For example, the title of a photo of a sunset would simply be "sunset".
  • "Alt" is displayed if the file cannot be displayed for inexplicable reasons. This text is also read aloud when screen readers are used. This text passage should be longer than the title and describe the image in more detail. In the above example, the old text "The sun sets behind the Matterhorn and leaves behind a colorful sky with a great evening atmosphere" could read
  • "Copyright" is also displayed with the title if the cursor remains longer on the file. There you will find information about the author of the file

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